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Weber Country Club

WCC 4th Un-Annual Tournament

Burp & Slurps (Bovenzi & Slender) win their third WCC Tournament by beating Tiger's Wood (Griffith & Lauder) 22-24.

Burp & Slurps and set a record with eight birdies and a 19 in the first round and even backed it up with a 20 in the second round!


1st WCC Tournament - November 2014

The inaugural WCC Tournament kicked off with a full field of 16 twosomes on November 1, 2014.

The Burp & Slurpswalked off with the victory over The Lip Wedges(Cronin & Scheinker) in the finals.

Mark Bovenzi  &George Slender  got their name on the winners plaque as did Sam Dale for his hole in one!

WCC Tournament Photo Gallery

WCC 3rd Un-Annual Tournament

The 3rd Un-Annual WCC tournament concluded on November 14th, 2015.

The  FIREBALLERS  (Evans & Weber) walked off with the victory and $1200 cash over Burp & Slurps  (Slender & Bovenzi) in the finals.

It went down to the wire with the  FIREBALLERS breaking a tie after 8 with a tap in birdie on 9, taking it 24-26.

WCC - 8 

The 8th Un-Annual WCC tournament started on Cinco De Mayo and concluded on May 12th, 2018.

Tiger's Wood (Griffith & Lauder) edged Tee-Quila Time (Duncan & Kurt) with a birdie on 9 to win 22-23. On the 9th tee, Jamen put it 1 foot from the hole to seal the deal.

Tee-Quila Time​ kept it close till the final hole.

WCC - 9 

August 18, 19 & 25th, 2018 

Tee-Quila Time (Duncan & Bilben) win on a 20-foot putt by Stew on the 9th hole to edge out Dropping Deuces 2.0 (AKA as Alex Who?) (George Arrizabalaga & Greg Cole) by just one stroke!


The Jay-Jays beat The FIREBALLERS  (Evans & Weber) in WCC walked off with the victory and $1200 cash.

Two new members (Stein & McCombs) gained membership through some crazy late night betting.

WCC - 10 

May 25, 26, 27, 2019 

WCC 10 was on Memorial Day Weekend and was compete in just one weekend for the first time.

Tigers Wood (Griffith & Lauder) win their 3rd WCC title by beating Lip Wedges (Cronin & Gates) by four strokes. 

WCC 2nd Un-Annual Tournament

The 2nd WCC Tourney kicked off on May 30th, 2015.

The Burp & Slurpswalked off with their second consecutive victory by beating Los Lonely Noonans(Kaiser & Figueroa) in the finals.

Mark Bovenzi & George Slender own winner's plaque again!


Grip It & Sip (Neveau & Muchado) It took WCC - 6 led by Justin Muchado's hole-in-one on number 2.

Kill 'em & Grill 'em (Houshar & Perlman) got on the plaque and walked away with $400. 


The 7th Un-Annual WCC tournament was in October 2017.

Tigers Wood (Griffith & Lauder) beat the FIREBALLERS  (Evans & Weber) with a one stroke victory and took the $1200 cash. 

It went down to the wire with the FIREBALLERS finishing with 3 birdies but losing by one 23-24.