"Joey's place to lose cash "

Weber Country Club 

Tournament Rules:​​

9-hole best ball scramble, 16 team bracket. $50 per player.  Winners get $1,200. Runners up get $400.. 

Each player gets 3 warm up shots unless tournament is ahead of schedule.
The pin starts in the center. Team that wins hole selects placement for the next hole. No mulligans.

Single player situations:

Once the tournament starts, there are no substitutions. If a team only has one player, the team must continue with one player and does not get the advantage of best ball play.  (Only hit one ball)

Missed tee times:

If both team members miss their tee time (15 minute rule) or cannot attend any match, a forfeit is required.
If one player is late, the match will start with single player rules until the other player arrives.

If there are less than 16 teams, byes will be given randomly in the first round, and the winner’s purse will be reduced.  In the event of any unforeseen situations, the commissioner will make any judgment calls.

Golf shoes are not allowed at WCC. (no golf sandals either) Since there was a lot of controversy at WCC-6, the following rule has been put in place: If a player wears what appears to be any type of golf shoes, all the players in attendance at that time will vote on if they are golf shoes. If voted as golf shoes, by majority vote (or tie), the player must remove the shoes to play. If the player continues play, a 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to the teams score for their round.