Hole 18 "Top Golf" Plays 142

Great finishing hole - foam ball - Mirror image of hole 1. Favor left and short.

​​​Weber Country Club


Hole 16:  100 Yards

Blind shot due to the pepper trees. 100 yards exactly.

Hole 1: Plays 142 Yards* 

Home of the giant tiki carved by "Tiki Dan". Can be reached with a wedge.

Players' Favorite - solid kick off hole and with a big view and a bar.

Hole 14:  134 Yards "Deep South 

Second hardest hole on the course. It's a blind shot, straight over the tall cactus will put you just left of the green. Favor left and short.

Hole 2: 108 Yards 

 Look for the pin through the tree. Favor left and short.

Hole 5:  105 Yards  "Rattler"

Known as "Rattler" because of the 5-foot yellow rattler seen at this location. Straight level shot. Going long could put you in the 19th hole bar.  It'll cost you a 12 pack if you break the plane...

Hole 7:  107 Yards "Cactus"

Straight level shot. Watch out for the palapa -

if you break the plane, it's a 12 pack... leave it in the hut and you owe a case!

Hole 17:  Plays 140 Yards*

Keep it out of the 19th hole bar or it will cost you a case.

Hole 12:  124 Yards "Middle Rippey"  

What you see is what you get.

Hole 9:  Plays 133 Yards*  "Ramp"

Right by the half pipe, this is a nice finishing hole for the front 9. Very similar to the first tee. You gotta navigate the palm trees and the wind.

"Joey's place to lose cash "

Hole 3: 135 Yards "Mega Rippey"

Longest hole on the course. You get a peek of the green through the trees.

Hole 10:  Plays 111 Yards*  

Straight shot right over the sand.

Hole 11:  125 Yards "Miami"  

Miami, located in the Southeast corner of WCC, is the hardest hole on the course. Plays 135 yards, favor the left and aim for the boulders on the hill.

Hole 6:   Plays 138 Yards  "Coondini"
Right over the water. The name "Coondini" is from the once-uncatchable
raccoon that tormented the greenskeeper for months.

Hole 13:  Plays 125 Yards* "Baby Shot Bar 

Just a slight variation of the Main Shot Bar hole.

Hole 15:  Plays 119 Yards* 

Pretty easy birdie to be had, aim for the center of the green.

Hole 8:  114 Yards  "Little Rippey"

Members' favorite. Killer view of valley - one of the best holes on the course. You gotta hit the front half of the green to have a chance to stick it.

Hole 4:  Plays 138 Yds* 

Formerly hole number one. A WCC classic to birdie.